The best candidates are often referrals from professionals doing similar work.

Once you list an open position with the Science Referral Network, we selectively distribute your hiring need to those members of our network who are best positioned to know people with the skill set you need. Network members can then make confidential referrals for your position. We ask our network members to refer the most qualified people they know and not just people they know are looking. We then contact these referrals to find out if they are interested in your position. If they are then we carefully qualify them based on skills, experience, compensation, and cultural fit to your organization. Only the most qualified interested candidates are forwarded to you for your review. Our goal isn't to create a lot of activity for you but rather to present you with a slate of carefully prescreened, interested, qualified candidates whom you would only have access to through our network. We are successful because our crowdsourcing process is able to uncover qualified "passive" candidates that our clients would otherwise never see.